Sunday, October 23

Beauty and The Beast

Dengan Nama Allah Yang Maha Pemurah Lagi Maha Penyayang

Hey hey , rinduu rinduu dekat blog nehh . Bytheways , nak cerita pasal
hamba allah sorangg nehh :) Hee , She's Good , caring , Sweet charity ,
Haha . I love herr as I love myself even more <3

Sometimes , I quite worried about her feeling and heart because
I can feel that she is the one that deserve a true sweet
man that would care about her feeling . whether it is hard ,
I have promised to her that I will try the hardest
for her sake . Oh , God ! In the name of Allah please Bless us :)
Hope So <3

My Dear ,

There a millions of people who call you
by your name , But it is only ONE PERSON
who can make it sound so damn special


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