Tentang Aku

  Hey stalker ! i'am a very friendly person ! but i'am bad when YOU try to mess up with me such as be a copycat ? you know what ! i'am sick with that ! sorry if this warning do you hate me . But , babe it just a beginning ! actually I was a coolaholic. so try to calm when dealing with me!

  For her ♥

  Dear you , I 'am here , where waiting for miracle to brought me to you just for a while <3 just in case , everyday I was praying for you to get a better life . Insyallah , one day I hope you will know my feeling sweetheart ♥ there a hope and there a effort's for you . 


The true happiness for me
Is to see you in the morning.
The real goodness for me
Is to see you in bed at night.
I cant help it and the flood
Of love flow out my heart
For you, when you
Dressed up in red, when you
Look at me with your
Green eyes. I feel like
The worlds luckiest man
Because I have the woman
Like you. I love you.